The Think+DO Tank is a community development agency. It also creates its own public art and participatory projects through its charitable arm, the Think+DO Tank Foundation.

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The Think+DO Tank generates joint solutions between our clients, and the communities affected by their processes. 

We seek to change how community members are consulted by giving them the capacity to frame the questions that matter, and to reflect their own experiences and insights as part of building possible solutions. 

We use a range of strategies including mapping, storytelling, roleplaying, issue prioritisation, group building and envisioning so that our clients and their stakeholders can generate commonly agreed solutions. Our creative processes bring a range of advantages, including:

• the creation of longer-lasting solutions. We work collaboratively to generate solutions with the people affected by the issue, in league with our clients;
• the establishment or strengthening of relationships. Our relational approach promotes trust, respect, and a mutual commitment. Our clients and the people affected by them can address misunderstandings, and tackle implementation challenges, together; 
• the promotion of active citizenship – our clients are engaging in best-practice community engagement;
• the discovery of unexpected solutions to the issues that our clients seek to address. 

The Think+DO Tank gets to the heart of people’s issues. Our work gives our clients and other groups and individuals on whom the issue impacts more than an insight into what community members envision – it builds a partnership between community members, governments, corporations and community organisations to generate joint and lasting solutions. 

We have a strong track record working with people in all parts of the community, and in particular with young people, Indigenous communities, women and newly arrived members of our communities.