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Our foundation, Think+DO Tank's Foundation, is currently raising money to open the doors on a beautiful and innovative project, LOST IN BOOKS, a multilingual children's bookshop, creative learning and language acquisition hub, with a twist. LOST IN BOOKS will also host a women's cafe where women can access bilingual workers skilled in providing assistance, including crisis assistance to women experiencing family and domestic violence. To watch our story, click here.

The Motion Room

The Motion Room (formerly known as The Thinking Room) is a project that has now well and truly spread its wings, transforming from an idea into a practice!

The Motion Room is a long-term project based in the communities of the Green Valley or 2168 Postcode in Liverpool, NSW. 

It aims to explore the nature and quality of public spaces, and the extent to which local communities can contribute to making shared spaces more ideal.

It is a collective experiment in how the built environment can contribute to wellbeing, social cohesion, belonging and community. It uses creative strategies – participatory performance, film and installation – to invite the communities into conversation with one another; to build their skills; and to give them the tools to shape their own neighbourhoods and futures.

Think+DO Tank Foundation is working in close partnership with Powerhouse Youth Theatre, local service providers including Liverpool Women's Resource Centre, Liverpool Migrant Resource Centre, South Western Sydney Local Health District and the  Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre.

This project is supported by the financial assistance of the Australia Council for the Arts (Community Partnerships) and the Scanlon Foundation.

Against the Tide

Against the Tide (formerly, History's Mirror) is an interactive, immersive and participatory public art and heritage interpretation work that explores time and remembering along the Parramatta River in Sydney. A team of artists are working alongside community members, Aboriginal custodians of the waterways, and historians to enliven the stories of the River from today and yesterday, and to ask what it is to remember. 

Against the Tide is currently in production. You can learn more about the project and how to participate in its creation at www.againstthetide.net.au.

Think+DO Tank Foundation

Back in September, 2013 we established a charity, the Think+DO Tank Foundation, through which we are running our community and cultural projects, with your support of course! We are transitioning that work across from Think+DO Tank to the Foundation.

We are thrilled to have this way of experimenting alongside people in the community.

We have made a website for the Foundation that you can find here for your viewing pleasure!

Please stay in touch and follow our progress there. 

You can also support our work with a tax deductible donation here. We deeply appreciate all the support we receive - whether a cash donation or the offer of some of your time. You're welcome to become part of our work!

Moving one another to action

Do the stories that each of us carry around with us matter? Are they merely distracting noise in our heads, or something that might allow us to connect with other people?

Amplifying affecting conversations

We all have conversations that change our minds or that cause us to pause and to reflect on things, a conversation that affects us personally.