The Motion Room

The Motion Room is a long-term project based in the communities of the Green Valley or 2168 Postcode in Liverpool, NSW. 

It aims to explore the nature and quality of public spaces, and the extent to which local communities can contribute to making shared spaces more ideal.

It is a collective experiment in how the built environment can contribute to wellbeing, social cohesion, belonging and community. It begins by using creative strategies – participatory performance, film and installation – to invite the communities into conversation with one another; to build their skills; and to give them the tools to shape their own neighbourhoods and futures.

It is about activating public spaces to transform social possibilities, and catalysing socially productive enterprises, projects and initiatives that will generate and promote employment, dignity and self-esteem, stronger social connections, and a greater sense of safety and well-being within and between the three communities.

We seek to bring an injection of hope and a strategic piece of infrastructure to:

  • bring local people into the centre of crafting solutions to their own issues;

  • generate solidarity amongst local people who do not see themselves as in community one with another, both within their own suburb and between suburban borders;

  • identify commonalties and forge respect so that differences can be discussed and benefits shared more equitably across the broader community;

  • contribute to an invigoration of the service environment; and

  • to bring immediate practical benefit such as pathways to training, work experience and participation, and the engagement of corporate partners.

Think+DO Tank Foundation will lead a four-phase collaborative project to engage incoming residents at the new Elizabeth Hills development, and residents in two suburbs of Green Valley about how they understand, negotiate, envision and shape the public spaces in their communities.

The project will not only make room for participants to think about shared community spaces by participating in artistic residencies, but it will move from the conceptual to the physical by inviting participants to contribute to the design and construction of mobile spaces (Phase Two) to reflect their conceptions of an ideal public space, and that enables better ways of living together. It will generate training and employment opportunities for the under/unemployed residents of Green Valley; community-generated services that the local communities want; and ongoing reasons to maintain community beyond surburban borders.


The Motion Room will produce: 

  • a process that allows local people to claim or to create public spaces consistent with their vision of an ideal place;
  • partnerships between artists, local community members and tradespeople that produce high quality artistic works and a valuable community assets;

  • pieces of mobile physical infrastructure (eg, mobile kitchen trailer, The Moveable Feast) co-designed with community members;

  • an ongoing mechanism for local communities to generate, express and implement their own preferences and visions for their local areas;

  • training and employment pathways for under/unemployed local people;

  • a vehicle from which local entrepreneurs can launch concepts to the market;

  • an ongoing reason for the three suburbs to remain in community with one another; and

  • proof of a concept that can be scaled or borrowed from in other developments and community settings.