Making Places - St Marys Special Places

Think+DO Tank worked alongside landscape architects, Oculus, and Penrith City Council to inquire into the aspirations of local residents and business owners for their main street, Queen Street.

Think+DO Tank's purpose is to engage local residents and stakeholders with integrity,in a way that encourages popular participation and that produces meaningful community-led guidance for our clients.


Community Citizens Training

Think+DO Tank collaborated with the Parramatta City Council and the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) to develop an innovative package of citizenship training materials.

We are excited that Parramatta City Council will soon launch the materials on a Creative Commons Licence.

The training program was the product of experimenting with young people in community and school settings; and with migrants and refugees preparing themselves to assume Australian citizenship. We developed an innovative and "hands on" approach to giving participants an active understanding of governmental structures and ways in which they could participate in public life.

Congratulations to Tanya Owen (Community Capacity Building Officer) and her colleagues at the Parramatta City Council for supporting and developing this innovative program, soon to be released to help all of us to take a more active part in public life in Australia!   

Belonging - can we measure it?

Think+DO Tank was retained from June - September 2013 to help the Parramatta City Council explore what belonging means in its local government area, and how best to 'take its temperature' from time to time. We worked to develop a set of five indicators of belonging that will contribute to a broader framework of social indicators in support of Parramatta City Council's community strategic plans. 

Human rights campaign evaluation

Think+DO Tank, working with The Miller Group, worked with the Australian Human Rights Commission to build its internal capacity to assess the impact of two national human rights campaigns:

We developed an evaluation and effectiveness strategy in close collaboration with the Commission's Race Discrimination Team and the Age Discrimination Team. 

SHOUT! Young Women With Voice

SHOUT! Young Women with Voice was developed and delivered by Think+DO Tank for the Australian Women's Coalition between April 2012 - May 2013.

SHOUT! was designed to raise the volume on young women's voices in NSW and the ACT.

How Big Are Your Dreams?

In 2008, Jane Stratton, Director of the Think+DO Tank, was the Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Gilbert + Tobin Lawyers in Sydney. She developed an innovative program for Indigenous youth in the Greater Sydney Area called How Big Are Your Dreams?. She led the program for the University of Technology, Sydney; Tranby Aboriginal College; and Gilbert + Tobin Lawyers until December 2011. You can learn more about the program here.


Talkback! is a digital media arts project that has trained young people in Bankstown in a new skill while giving them the opportunity to tell a story about “belonging” to a broader public.

Young people envision their communities

The Think+DO Tank proposed a series of consultations with high school students in the Bankstown Local Government Area for the Bankstown City Council. The workshops were carried out between 1 September – 30 November 2009. We worked with over 250 students to uncover their desires for Bankstown, what they value in their communities and to educate them about the role of local, State and Commonwealth governments. A report was provided to Council in January 2010 and we look forward to helping Council to implement our recommendations.

Trading Places

Trading Places is a soundpiece of young people’s connections to Bankstown.

Trading Places is installed in a custom-built cut out screen that lets people inhabit a stereotyped image of a young person in the Bankstown area even while those stereotypes are blown open by the voices of the young people themselves. The screen is brought to life by a Lebanese young man mad on cars; a young Muslim woman in hijab; a highly fashion conscious Vietnamese young woman; and an African young woman with a younger sibling.

Bringing university to school

How might students who are just embarking on their passage through high school ensure they have the choice of a university education?

Well Suited

In 2008, Jane Stratton (Director, Think+DO Tank) was Head, Corporate Social Responsibility at Gilbert + Tobin Lawyers.

In 2008, she brokered and designed a personal clothing and support service developed at Gilbert + Tobin and delivered in partnership with Job Futures for women job seekers provided by women already in the workforce. Gilbert + Tobin staff participated by providing:

  • professional clothing
  • personal support and mentoring
  • career coaching to assist women successfully re-enter the workforce or gain their first job in Sydney’s CBD.