Making Places - St Marys Special Places

Think+DO Tank worked alongside landscape architects, Oculus, and Penrith City Council to inquire into the aspirations of local residents and business owners for their main street, Queen Street.

Think+DO Tank's purpose is to engage local residents and stakeholders with integrity,in a way that encourages popular participation and that produces meaningful community-led guidance for our clients.

We worked the length of Queen Street using beautiful lightweight cloth models of the area that invited local people to play with their spaces.

Think+DO Tank’s Inquiry in St Marys was comprehensive. We had conversations with more than 200 local people, including business owners, street users and commuters, young people, school students, and staff of local community services. We spoke with Council staff and sought the input from land owners and other business owners in the Penrith Local Government Area. We ensured that our inquiry reflected the diversity of the local community and convened specialist workshops and focus groups with critical or harder to reach groups – Aboriginal people; people living with disabilities and their carers; people at risk of homelessness; young people; and school students. Our Inquiry invited each participant to engage with a model of Queen Street and to reflect how they experienced it today, and what they imagined it could become in the future. Our Inquiry was focused on eleven particular places, the so-called Special Places.

Our thanks to all the participants in the Inquiry, and further to: St Marys Town Centre Corporation; NADO; FUSION Western Sydney; Deerubin Local Aboriginal Land Council; Councillors Prue Carr and Jackie Greenow; Amanda Allatt and St Marys North Public School; St Marys Area Community Development Project; Nepean Migrant Access; the Penrith Chamber of Commerce; and the staff of Penrith City Council for their assistance with our Inquiry.